Circulation Solutions Inc.
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Circulation Solutions Inc. has the ability to handle projects of all sizes, and for any industry. We will report results upon request, and have the capability to provide up-to-the-minute details regarding your project.

Quality control is performed by our managers immediately upon each record entering our system to exacting CCAB standards, so that the finished project we return to our customers is of the highest quality that has come to be associated with Circulation Solutions Inc.

All of our operators receive substantial training prior to each project to ensure that they represent the publication and the publisher to the best of their abilities when conversing with the readership. The goal of our operators is not to merely capture a renewal but to build a small relationship with each subscriber in order to better represent the publication.

50% of our staff have over 3 years of experience with Circulation Solutions Inc., allowing us to offer a highly experienced workforce in the area of request circulation. A number of our callers are also fully bilingual enabling us to handle any projects that consists of both French and English subscribers.

Each office has a designated floor manager to ensure that every call is monitored on an ongoing basis.