Circulation Solutions Inc.
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Circulation Solutions Inc. has been an innovator and industry leader when meeting the needs of publishers and trade publications. We specialize in telerequest and trade publication renewals, using a business model that makes it easy and efficient for you as the customer to meet all of your project goals.

Our all-online calling system allows our agents to capture renewals electronically, perform QC in-house on all records as the project is ongoing, and create an audio recording of each renewal as it happens. Circulation Solutions Inc. can make your renewal efforts and your audit processes as efficient as possible.

Our system can be accessed over the internet from anywhere, at anytime, providing our customers with the necessary up-to-the-minute progress reports for ongoing projects.

Missing data, even phone numbers, are not a problem. We have the ability to capture missing data prior to or during your project.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.